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“It's easy to practice, when I've 5 minutes and nothing to do with my hands, I give myself Reiki.”
Sophia, France
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is a gift from the universe available to all of us.

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I'm honoured that something brought you to my website. There can be numerous reasons for your curiosity: finding information about personal and spiritual growth, seeking help with life problems or health issues, or needing to learn more about yourself…it does not matter, what matters is you are here.

Reiki is a simple, direct and natural form of healing that allows you to absorb more Life Force by applying a gentle hands-on and hands-off technique. Reiki is not connected to any kind of religion and there is nothing mysterious about Reiki – it has been accepted in many cultures for many years.

Experience Reiki treatment, or study how to apply Reiki yourself for personal use and to help others. You can learn Reiki in person with me in Floreat, Perth, Australia or via my online Live-Reiki classes.

Within these pages I hope you find what you are looking for. The information here is just a brief overview about what Reiki entails and ultimately each individual will need his/her own tailored approach. The only way to find out whether you think Reiki will enrich your life is to learn more about, read what others have experienced and decide for yourself.

Please contact me if I can assist you on your journey as practitioner, teacher or fellow human being.


Learn Reiki with me online, face to face,
from your home, anywhere in the world.

Everyone can now learn Reiki from the comfort of their own home. You do not need to travel nor book a hotel, you just need a computer and internet access. We can arrange a day and time to do the training. Online training is live, personal, comprehensive, and face-to-face. It is like being in the same room and we can discuss Reiki in full and I will do my best to answer your questions.


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Everyone can learn to work with Energy. Learn how to use Reiki for yourself.

In small groups over 1½ days you can learn how to apply Reiki on yourself and how you can give the Reiki Energy to your family members, friends or clients.

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Looking for a treatment?
Receive Reiki via distance.

Receiving a Reiki treatment can be very relaxing. It reduces stress and can help you to find clarity in your life. Receiving the Energy promotes your own healing. Or relax in your own home and receive Reiki Energy over distance.