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reiki painting
Artist: Polly, New Zealand. 2011

About Me

I was born in Germany in December 1965.

I learned nursing and worked as a Registered Nurse in Germany, Switzerland (German and French part), and The Netherlands.

I always liked to work with people and to learn new things. As my career progressed I shifted  from Internal Medicine, Surgery and Intensive Care to positions in the Dialysis Industry as a Clinical Coordinator.

In 1991 I married my wonderful Dutch man in Lausanne, Switzerland.

We are very lucky, we have five children together. The two oldest live in the Netherlands and our three girls live with us. Five years ago we became proud grandparents. They are all very special to me and I am happy and proud to be there for them. 

January 2002 we moved to New Zealand. First to Milford on the North Shore and then to Coatesville, Albany.

In December 2012 we moved as a family to Perth, Australia where we live in a beautiful place in Floreat.

My journey with Reiki

In 1996 a very good friend of mine explained Reiki to me and told me of her experiences. She awoke my interest and I decided to learn more about it. This was also about the time that I realized that there was much more to life - both inwardly and outwardly that warranted further exploration.

I searched for tools that could help me gain a deeper understanding of my inner-self and promote my personal growth: I learned palm-reading, photo-reading, and different forms of energy healing - these were interesting, but not really my thing.

I received many wonderful Reiki treatments, which helped me to gain insight. I understood that Reiki gave me the opportunity to grow, to heal myself and to learn more about myself and others.

In 1998 I reached my First Reiki Degree and in the first 1½ years I used Reiki mainly to work on myself. With the Second Degree I started to use Reiki on friends. In 2001, I learned the Reiki Master skills and since 2004 I have been a Reiki Teacher. I am very passionate about teaching Reiki to my students, and love the idea that they can help themselves and others.

Further Reiki development:

Sensei Hyakuten Inamoto, founder of Komyo Reiki Kai attuned me in October 2007 into the Komyo Reiki Kai (first and second level) in Kyoto.

Since early 2011 I am fully qualified as a Lightarian Reiki™ Teacher. I learned with Martin Turbak.

Since November 2012 I am a fully qualified Komyo Reiki Kai Teacher. I learned with the founder of Komyo Reiki Kai, Sensei Hyakuten Inamoto.

Looking back over the past 21 years I can say that I've worked really hard and that I am proud of what I have achieved.

What continues to fascinate me about Reiki is that when I give Reiki, I feel that the Universal Reiki Energy flows from my hands and body to the receiver and I know that the Universal Reiki Energy will be directed to the right place. This is not because I am doing something particularly special, but it is the person who receives Reiki who knows in his/her subconsciousness exactly what to do with it. They initiate and manage their own healing process. I hand them the tools and they heal themselves.

I love to do Reiki as a practitioner/teacher as each treatment/training is so different – for me, my work always stays interesting and exciting . I feel very honoured each time I do a treatment /training that I am part of people’s healing and their personal growth.

I believe that I can be a part of many people’s healing process and aid their personal growth through the tools I can provide.