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Live Energy Symbols

for advanced Reiki practitioners, Masters and Master-Teachers

The world is constantly changing and so have our needs over the years. Many people report a change in their spiritual awareness and personally I feel that we are entering a new era with phenomenal opportunities. We use tools to open up to the Universe and find new ways helping us in making a difference for ourselves and to give support for others. Most interestingly, these tools have been available for hundreds of years, but the time was not yet right to deploy them and only small groups profited from it.

Since early 2011 I noticed an increased awareness of my spiritual self and received from my spiritual guides different Energy Symbols with the goal to pass these on to my students and clients. In total I have received 11 Live Energy Symbols and 4 Symbols for the 4 elements (air, water, fire and earth). Those Live Energy Symbols are used in the same way as the classical Reiki Symbols we all know. The Live Energy Symbols are not so much for general use as they serve a more specific purpose, they are modern and adapt nicely to the fast involving time.

For example the Live Energy Symbol "Live Within" is used to find connection to our current live time; very useful for those new to our planet having difficulties to adapt, or for young adults with problems, or to help people to be anchored in this world. An other very powerful Live Energy Symbol is "Global Assistance" to give to areas (on our planet) in need. For example to a city/country suffering from natural disasters, to war zones, to countries where people suffer from hunger or disease, areas where nature is threatened or polluted, there are many more possibilities for its use.

In my opinion it is very important with each Reiki Symbol and especially with the Live Energy Symbols to think outside of the box. The ability to feel the Energy that is connected to the Symbol, to integrate the Symbols Energy and to trust your intuition how, where and when to use each Symbol. Of course as a Reiki Master or Master-Teacher you have already developed these qualities and will be able to work with lots of ease and pleasure with the new Symbols. If you are not sure that you have fully discovered the ease of connecting and working with your intuition then I will try to help you finding confidence working with the new Symbols. Remember as well that with practice the ease and the trust will come.

I am convinced that the Live Energy Symbols have come through to put us on a new journey and serve the purpose of extending our spiritual awareness to where we could not go before. The channelling of Live Energy Symbols is a very dynamic process and I hope there is much more to come. It would be a privilege for me to make this discovery jointly with a growing group of like-minded friends.

I decided to place the symbols on this page over time. Watch this space.

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