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reiki treatment

Reiki treatment

Receiving Reiki can be a very special and beautiful experience. It is difficult to find the right words to describe how it feels when the energy is flowing through your body. Many people have tried to express it, but hardly do justice to the sensation.

The best way to explore it, is to undergo a treatment yourself. There are only positives to be gained from a new experience.  

As described elsewhere on my website, you can learn Reiki yourself to apply it whenever and wherever you desire it. Most people start with a treatment to 'get the feel for it', before they decide to continue to learn it for themselves.

Reiki treatment in person

During a Reiki treatment you lie fully clothed on a padded massage table in a warm comfortable room.

I will place my hands lightly and intuitively at various places along your body, sometimes not even touching you. I will not touch intimate parts of the body.

This gentle touch is maintained as long as I feel its needed at each place, as the healing energy is flowing. Usually during this process you'll notice temperature changes in that place. Some people may also see colours or images.

A Reiki session takes typically around 90 minutes. This includes 60 min treatment and 30 min explaining beforehand plus exchanging experiences after the treatment.

During the treatment the body will only absorb the amount of energy that it requires.

Sex, age and physical condition are of no relevance as your own body controls the energetic process.

The first time you receive Reiki it is recommended to have at least three treatments within 10 to 14 days. This allows the body to work quickly through the processes and builds up a higher and more sustainable energy level for you and me to work with.

After that you can arrange to have treatments weekly or monthly or whenever you feel the need for one.

If you have a long term problem or choose to use Reiki for personal growth then I recommend you to learn Reiki so you can treat yourself.

Looking forward to hear from you via email or phone, see under contact me.

If I have not responded to your email in 48hours please send it again. I am normally very quick to respond and it should not be necessary.


Distance treatment

Sometimes we are not able to conduct the treatment hands on at my place but I will still be able to help you. As Reiki taps into the Universal Life Force, the Energy is available to you no matter where you are and the practitioner is able to direct it to you from a distance. This is called 'distance treatment'. Sender and receiver connect using the Reiki energy that binds them.

A treatment will take around 30min. We will agree a time to send the Reiki. Best is if you can find a quiet place on a chair or lying down. At the agreed time I will perform a Reiki treatment on you just as if you would be with me in the room.

I will place my hands intuitively at various places along your body. Sometimes people can feel the areas being worked on. They can feel warmth or coolness, tingling or knocking or energy waves streaming through the body. Most people report afterwards that they were very aware that I was working on them.

Reiki Treatment FAQ