Online Training Courses

Accredited Reiki Practitioner & Teacher in a Reiki Australia Certified Clinic.

Member of Reiki Australia since 2013

Timetable for Reiki courses in person Online, worldwide.

Time investment:

The course is on two following days, up to 4-5 hours daily, includes a follow-up 6 weeks later for around 1 hours. The day and time will be chosen by the group.

Groups are small, max. 2 participants on the following dates.

Reiki I – Foundation class online

19/20 July 2024
12pm-5pm Perth WA time
Spaces left – 2


Reiki I – Foundation class online

12/13 August 2024
12pm-5pm Perth WA time
Spaces left – 2

If the offered day and time are not convenient for you, please let me know and I am confident that we will be able to find another day and time.


The Online Reiki training is LIVE, Face to Face, with good interaction.

The aim of this method of live-Reiki-online training, face-to-face via Zoom, is to meet the demand of people living rural all around the world, or having difficulties to come to my place, or wanting to attend Reiki training from the comfort of their own home, or students who do not live close any more.

The course content is the same to what I teach in the group sessions here in Perth, Australia. The small group setting (2 Participants) is to ensure you get my full attention and I can deliver optimum personal tuition.

Generally courses are given over two days up to 6hours or 1 day up to 10/12 hours and a follow-up 6 weeks later. All levels are taught regularly and if you can’t find a date or time convinent for you please let me know and we can look together at our availability.

The benefits of Reiki

Reiki involves your body, mind and soul and aims to integrate all these aspects into a harmonious balance. Reiki supports your spiritual growth, enhances personal awareness and intuition. Reiki generates relaxation and reduces stress, allowing the body to heal from within.

A major advantage is that in learning how to apply Reiki one is not dependent on others for healing.

Reiki is not a treatment that just addresses symptoms; instead it gives insight into underlying problems that cause un-wellness in the first place.

Reiki will work in conjunction with any other treatment to relieve side effects and will promote recovery from illness, accidents and surgery. It engages self–healing capacities in many conditions like chronic fatigue, allergies, as well as in psychological problems like phobias, depression, anxiety, coping disorders and addiction.

How does it work?

I like to work with Zoom, the big advantage is that you can attend training from home via your computer, wherever you live on this planet (or beyond 😉 ). You can ask all the questions you may have directly during my teaching.

Your time management

The course is set over two days, each day with around 5 hours. A follow-up will be scheduled for 6 weeks after and the group will decide the day and time. Just drop me an email with a request.

One on one Reiki Classes and other languages

I am happy to provide one on one Reiki classes and the teaching in German or Dutch. If you like to do the course with a friend you can do that together on one computer or with a separate login.

Note: Some Australian Reiki membership organisations do not currently accept Reiki students in their Practitioner and Master categories who have not received Reiki initiation in the physical presence of their initiating master. Your decision to learn via online training may affect your future ability to secure membership of a Reiki organisation or obtain. Online training has not yet received acceptance, because of some online Reiki courses who have given the online training a bad name.

Please see more info ‘Courses in Perth’ where all Reiki levels are explained. 



About 6 weeks after the Reiki training, the group will meet again for up to 1.5 hour session to reconnect, to share made experiences, to reflect on changes and to discuss any questions. If support is needed before I am happy for you to call or email me with your questions.


Can children learn Reiki?

Indeed children can learn Reiki. It depends on their age and interest when to start learning Reiki. I taught Reiki to children 6 years old and older. Children love the playfulness, and kindness of the energy, they see the light and are able to connect easily with the Reiki energy. Teenagers approaching Reiki already more like an adult and they love to have tools they can use for themselves when they are at home or school.

 I am happy to teach your child how to use Reiki. We can organise an individual Reiki training and I will adjust my training to the age of your child. If your teenager feels fine in a group with adults, he or she can book also in to a class.

Do the Live Energy Symbols come from the Reiki system?

The Live Energy Symbols are Energy Symbols and working with the same energy as Reiki, however they are not coming from Mr Usui and his Reiki system.

How often can I use Reiki on myself?

There are no limitations on how often you can use Reiki.

You can use Reiki as a treatment (~30min) for yourself and/or just 5-10 min here and there. With using Reiki regularly you allow Reiki to integrate within. Reiki will be a part of your live and you will use Reiki even without noticing.

Is online training beneficial?

Oh yes. First I must say I was skeptical too, all the technique and computer. As soon as I gave it a go I realised that I was able to set it up in the same way as a training at my place and that it could be even very convenient for many people to do the training in this way. I also find that the feeling of closeness, oneness can get very strong in distance training groups.

You will learn Reiki in the same way as you would be here in one of my classes, you can ask me questions and we can discuss subject. It is a live interactive Reiki training.

Will I be a healer after learning Reiki?

You will be a healer for yourself. For others you will be a ‘tool-giver’ or ‘facilitator’.

With giving Reiki you provide Reiki to the receiver. The receiver will be able to use the Reiki energy to heal themselves. 

Will the Reiki attunement work over distance?

Yes it works very well. The people I gave a distance attunement to Reiki in an online training could feel it very strongly. The Reiki energy is very powerful and does not know distance in the way we do.

Reiki treatment or attunements/initiation work very well via distance.