Support for my students

I find it very important for my students to have the ability to communicate with me, also after the Reiki training.

I am easy to reach over email (my goal is to answer within 24hours). If you find it more comfortable to speak we can do that also over the phone or use Skype. You should know that you are always welcome to contact me with your personal Reiki questions.

Reiki Sharing Evening

Every 6 to 8 weeks I organise a Reiki Sharing Evening for my students. This evening is structured to have a meditation followed by sharing Reiki, giving and receiving Reiki on a treatment table. It is a great space to share and exchange experiences.

Reiki Buddy - Peer support

This idea stems from the philosophy that a practising psychologist needs to have a buddy to share experiences and discuss difficult cases. Also, to get a second opinion on a treatment plan and for advise how to proceed with a client.

They have been very successful with this concept and also doctors and other professions start having buddies. They call it: collegial relationships or peer support.

How does that work for us?

A Reiki Buddy is a person to meet up with regularly. You can do that once a week or month, and it can be face to face or via the Internet with someone in another place on the world. Whatever you and your buddy feel comfortable with. What level your Reiki buddy has is not so important, you can hold the same Degree or Reiki I with Master. When you meet you can give Reiki to each other, you can share experiences, you can ask for a second opinion concerning one of your clients, you can discuss issues you find difficult to deal with and so much more.

If you work as a practitioner I believe it is a must to have a Reiki buddy and even if you work only on yourself or on friends I really can recommend it too.

If you agree, then ask around to find a person who you like to work with. A good tool for that is the Live-Reiki Forum. If your buddy lives remote, you can give and receive the Reiki via distance and you can talk with each other using the phone or the internet like Skype.

Reiki Retreat

Once a year I organize a Reiki Retreat at the Mana Retreat Centre in the Coromandel, NZ.

This Retreat, in its beautiful environment, is a wonderful opportunity to dedicate a whole weekend to the power of Reiki. It is great to be together with like-minded people and to share the Reiki energy in different sessions.

We do sessions, giving Reiki in small and big groups, meditations, Heart Attunements, walk to the sanctuary on the mountain, perform Reiki blessings, the teachers will perform an re-attunment and much more.

I would like to emphasize the spiritual environment where the Mana Retreat Centre is located away from the noise and business of daily life, and the divine vegetarian food we enjoy.

“I feel so blessed since I was introduced to the study of Reiki. Never have I felt so at peace and in harmony with all around me.”

Polly, New Zealand