I've received a lot of feedback from students and clients alike during the 13 years I have been a Reiki teacher and practitioner. Those who have learnt with me have come from all over the world and below are some of their unedited comments. 

I had the most magical and enlightening experience learning Reiki level one with Uli. Her teaching style is warm, informative and inspirational. I am looking forward to continuing my Reiki journey with Uli.

Katrina, Australia
Via Online Training

I decided to learn to become a  teacher and after much research, felt drawn to working with Uli Brell.
The time I spent with Uli has opened up a new horizon for me and enabled me appreciate and treasure Reiki on a different level.
Her dedication to her classes and to each individual pupil was significant.  - even to the fabulous lunches that she provided!

Uli is always willing to discuss any matters relating to Reiki and well as being open to any thoughts and suggestions.  I found her non-judgmental manner extremely refreshing and found many lessons to be learnt in her classes.

I feel proud to be a Teacher and know that I have the support should I need any further help in the future.
I would recommend Uli not only as a practitioner, but as a Teacher for all levels of Reiki.

Thank you Uli for teaching me.
Ingrid, Te Kuiti, New Zealand

I was first introduced to Reiki back in Colombia, my home country. I had just had an operation and I was about to move to New Zealand with my partner. So Reiki meant, from the very beginning, the best companion. With the self treatment I could be protected and accompanied during my recovery and my new life in a different country. Then in New Zealand I found Uli Brell and with her my Reiki journey has continued and has gotten beautiful dimensions.

I did with her the 2nd level and very soon I will do the Master’s level, I am so excited about it. Since all my family, friends and beloved ones are miles away from me, I keep connected with them through distance Reiki.  

I have managed to incorporate the Reiki symbols to my daily life in situations such as, when cooking, when eating, when practicing yoga, and much more!! I am very happy and grateful because through Reiki and through Uli´s amazing network, I have been able to meet beautiful people many of which are my friends in New Zealand.

Thank you!
Monica, Colombia

Reiki has been a joy to work with, and the more I use it, the stronger it becomes. Uli is a wonderful teacher who is down-to-earth and very talented. She makes me feel comfortable, she's attentive, and a beautiful mentor to have. The longer I work with Reiki, the more I realize is possible.

Nora, Canada

I feel so blessed since I was introduced to the study of Reiki. Never have I felt so at peace and in harmony with all around me. Reiki has made me so aware of my inner self and the many blessings we are given each day through our life. Since my first degree I found I have become more in tune with life, my meditations have become very deep and I am now able to understand so much more of the never-ending supply of loving energy.

I thank you Uli for being here,
Polly, New Zealand

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The discovery of Reiki has opened up a whole new world to me. A world that has always been here, yet i have not touched or felt it before. It has brought sleep to the sleepless, It has gently called me home when I have become lost. I now never feel alone, and know there is so much more to life than the cluttered mind can see. Everything now seems so beautiful. I feel blessed to be able to share the light of Reiki with others, and know that my wish is to continue to live and learn from Reiki. Uli has been the most wonderful teacher and guide to me, her wisdom has opened me to the wonder of it all. I couldn't have asked for more. I thank you so much Uli.

Maria, New Zealand

My job is it to stay focused, to manage day-to-day challenges of a multinational corporation as they come up, and to turn them into a success. It took me quite some time until I found a Reiki Teacher like Uli who can understand the environment I am typically working & living in, and on the other hand who could open up my eyes to a reality of our life's I had not recognized before.

Holger, USA

The process of receiving my first attunement for Reiki was both energising and calming. It was a special moment in my life when my bond with God and the universe was further intensified, resulting in a stronger sense of my purpose in being and also my connection to all things around me. Reiki has helped clear my path of unnecessary fears and anxieties and has brought clarity and patience and allowed me to live life rather than go through life. I recommend Reiki for everyone as I believe through it we can all come to understand each other better and learn to love and respect each other and the path we have chosen to take on Earth.

Susan, Australia

“When I first read about Reiki, for some reason it struck a chord in my head that encouraged me to seek more information and learn more about this practice. After much time browsing the internet I found the page for Uli. By coincidence the website showed a course running that weekend, so I called and booked myself in not really knowing what to expect, but I felt that I must go. The course itself made me nervous and excited at the same time. From spending the first day of the course learning about the art of Reiki, its history and its nature I felt as if I were entering a secret society of people who were being gifted with knowledge because their need to believe in something greater than themselves was calling them and that there need to believe in themselves and grow from their past was needed in their lives. I still do not know what it was that drew me to Reiki but believe that it was a calling in me that knew my path had to change. By the end of the course I felt armed with a special power that was flowing through me. I remember feeling empowered and full of a radiance that I had not felt in a long time.

As the days after the course and my first attunement followed I felt a deep calmness within me - nothing seemed to bother me and I was able to be practical and objective about things. My family noticed the difference in me very quickly and could feel a positivity glowing from me that hadn't been there before. Doing the Reiki treatments on myself helped to calm me and relax me and allow me to be positive. Partaking in sharing groups and the Reiki retreat allowed me to see that other people really believed in this too and I saw it working with my own eyes. I could also feel the energy strongly within me and flowing through me and this was wonderful.

I have now completed my Reiki II and I feel that I have so much to learn and am very excited about all the different ways that Reiki can be a part of my life.  When I look at the sky I see more than just the colours, I feel its beauty and radiance and I feel in touch with the earth and the spirit of the earth. I know that to someone who has not experienced these things I must sound like a lunatic. I feel now that an energy and knowledge is growing within me that I can encourage it to flow like a river and feel it cleanse me. I feel like someone has opened a small box inside me that has been filled with magic light and very slowly as the lid is opened further, the light from the box is filling me up and this magic is spreading slowly through me. I have so much to learn but am enjoying the path that I'm travelling.

Please take care Uli. I hope to hear from you and hear some wisdom from you soon.”

Nikki, New Zealand

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I have known Uli for just over a year now, and feel that with her help I have grown so much. She has trained me to Master level and has offered fantastic support throughout my journey. She is a superb listener and has a wealth of knowledge that she is happy to share. Each course offered the opportunity to learn about Reiki, practise these new skills, ask unlimited questions and meet like-minded people who could also share their experiences. Uli has the perfect setup to run these courses and she goes out of her way to cater to everyone. I can't recommend Uli highly enough, both as a practitioner and teacher. I am very grateful to her for the patience and kindness she has shown me.

Katherine, New Zealand
Via Online Training

In 2010 April, I heard the word "Reiki" from my best friend for the first time.  She told me how she helped other people with "Reiki energy", and how it has helped her on spiritual growth.  I was really excited, because I felt that it's exactly what I wanted for my life.  Since I didn't know which teacher I should follow here in Taiwan, my friend said her teacher in New Zealand is offering internet training which will be suitable for me.  That's how I get to know Uli.

Since I have full-time job on week days, Uli was kind enough to arrange a suitable training schedule for me during weekend.  She also invited Martin (who has 20-year experience in IT industry) to be the technical support during the whole session, so we don't need to worry about any technical issue.

When I received my Reiki attunement from Uli through Internet training session, it's like opening up a whole new world for me.  Uli told me not to prepare for the Reiki I internet class, just to be open-minded.  Well, I must say that the whole experience was absolutely wonderful.  I was overwhelmed by emotions during meditation, especially when Uli told me that my Angel and guides and Buddha were right there by my side to support me.  I cried happy tears when I realized that I am not alone.

Since then, I found myself more easily to be moved or touched by things I wouldn't even notice before.  I am always a city girl and never into the nature.  Yet one night I was on my way home, and I suddenly stopped because I smelled grass at a corner of our office building.  It's such a wonderful smell.  I stood there for a few minutes just to enjoy it.  I was really shocked by my reaction, because I walk pass that corner hundreds of times and never notice the beauty of nature.  Now with the help of Reiki, I feel that I'm more connected to the earth I'm living in.

I am supposed to practice self-treatment for six weeks after Reiki I.  But I do notice that I fall asleep quite easily during the self-treatment, so many times I didn't even finish the whole treatment.  What I learned from Uli and Martin was, we are human, so don't be too harsh on ourselves.  If I fell asleep easily, maybe it's because I needed that sleep.  I should trust the Reiki energy and let it guide me.

I've been searching for the gift and purpose of my life.  It was a frustrating process but now I know I'm on the right track.  Maybe, the Universe knew I was ready for this, that's why I got the chance to meet Uli.  And for this, I am forever grateful.

Yours Truly,
Terri, Taiwan

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My experience of Reiki - I have been studying, reading, and experiencing the Healing Energies for many years now, but I had never taken any formal training or courses.   I finally decided it was time to take a course, to learn more, and at first I had so much trouble to decide which course to take, but many little signs along the way pointed me again and again to Reiki. It was so clear to me immediately that Reiki was the right way to learn.  From the first moment that I met Uli, I knew I had met a very wise and knowledgeable lady, as well as a superb teacher of healing, of Reiki.

The most valuable experience I learned immediately from Reiki was to spend time every day to heal myself.  Something that all along I had not been doing.  I had been so focused on giving and healing others, that I had neglected to give to myself!  From that very first course, I faithfully applied Reiki to myself -  an incredible gift of self love.  All my attunments with Uli were incredible, especially my Master attunement where I could feel my whole heart and soul open to the energy, to the love, and my experience could best be described as bliss.  It is a place in my mind and body I go back to again and again. When the heart is open, all things are possible.

Thank-you so much Uli, Namaste,
Michelle, New Zealand

Am Anfang fragte ich mich woher Reiki eigentlich kommt. Ist es göttliche oder kosmische Energie? Hat Usui sie neu entdeckt oder wieder nutzbar gemacht? Mittlerweile brauche ich darauf keine Antwort mehr. Es ist für mich nicht wichtig woher die Energie kommt, die so gut tut. Vielmehr bin ich jetzt dankbar, dass ich sie annehmen kann und nutzen darf.

Reiki hat mir geholfen meine innere Mitte wiederzufinden und zu halten. Daraus schöpfe ich die Kraft für den Alltag, bin ausgeglichener und habe mehr Antriebskraft. Gleichzeitig empfinde ich inneren Frieden, den ich nach aussen weitergebe und so vor allem meinen Töchtern ein harmonisches Umfeld schaffen kann.

Für meine Töchter ist Reiki immer noch etwas suspekt, aber sie lassen es zu und wenn ich dann sehe, wie sie zur Ruhe kommen und oft sogar einschlafen, um dann mit roten Backen wieder strahlend aufzuwachen, dann bin ich mir sicher, dass wir auf dem richtigen Weg sind.

Ute, Germany

I went to the sharing evening this January - my first - and it was a wonderful experience. So many beautiful people, and all of us so different and yet so connected. I can be really shy about sharing Reiki or approaching people, even those I know need help, with this new ability. I keep reminding myself that I learnt Reiki so that i could help people, and that it is time to be courageous and use this gift. It feels important to me that I use it to reach people who could benefit from it, the life force of the universe should be shared with all the universe, especially where there is imbalance!

So the sharing evening was a great step for me in that I could practise on people who aren't in my "safe" zone, ie, my partner and close friends. I loved the chance to receive and feel other's unique Reiki, and to try my hand at healing people who I didn't know so well. If there is anyone out there like me who is a little shy to practise on others you don't know well, I highly recommend going along to a sharing evening to help you build confidence.

Which brings me to the woman who has brought us all together, Uli. I just want to say thank you for what you have done and are doing for all of us. You said once that you had taught around 90 people to use Reiki, it is astounding to think you have changed so many people's lives in such a positive way, and that they can change others now you have taught them. It is really inspiring and beautiful what you have done. Thank you and bravo!

Love to everyone,
Tanya, New Zealand

The dictionary tells us that the word "Profound" means great insight; deep; intense but I have another definition: "The moment of Reiki Attunement". I have lived quite a long and varied life. I have experienced great joy and sadness; wonderful friendships; intense love and deep pain, good health and serious illness; the joys of birth and the sadness of death; but until I received the gift of Attunement through Uli I never really knew that peace and joy and acceptance were always there and all I had to do was ask for them. Since my 1st Level Attunement I am aware of an inner peace and an outward calmness. I feel energized and yet still. I want to shout from the roof tops and yet keep it to myself. But the best thing to happen to me is that I really, really know we are not alone in this world of ours. Bless you Uli and may the Love and Energies of the Universe always be in your heart.

Angela, New Zealand

I received my attunement by Uli two years ago. To receive this Reiki initiation through Uli was very special to me, and it made me happy to have this wonderful and powerful tool in my hands. In the beginning, I practised Reiki on a regular base. It energised me, and it also gave me a feeling of calmness and serenity. Then, after about one year, I gradually used Reiki less and less; lack of time was the main reason, I think, but also the fact that I had great trust in my new medications, which put Reiki at the background. After some months, I really felt the difference; I became extremely tired, and had the feeling that all my problems were too difficult to manage. I felt the need to turn back to Reiki and I'm glad I did so. I decided to treat myself again and in this period Uli's help was very precious to me. As I had lost confidence in my own Reiki flow, she reassured me and gave me precious advices how to practice Reiki every day. Reiki is now a daily need for me; I'm feeling energised, re-balanced, much more in harmony with myself and my family. It's easy to practice, when I've 5 minutes and nothing to do with my hands, I give myself Reiki. It's a healthy habit with great results!

Sophia, France

I just wanted, to drop you a line to say "Thank you" for teaching me Reiki. It is nearly time for me to leave New Zealand for my new adventure in Canada, and I feel I have changed positively during my stay in New Zealand and since doing my first degree in February 2007 and the second degree in June 2007! It seems such a long time ago now! I plan to do my Master degree in Canada and I look forward to making some new friends through Reiki in Canada. I hope to attend the next sharing evening. I leave New Zealand on the 23rd June 2008. Thanks again Uli.    

Ceri, Canada